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It's quite surprising how many mining companies actually exist in Australia, and a large proportion still do a majority of their documentation on paper. This is all fine and good of course, until an entire shipping container of consigned mineral products just mysteriously disappears off the radar, seemingly into thin air. Essentially we are talking tens of thousands of dollars lost with no trace, and then the ensuing insurance paperwork makes for little consolation.

This is where a database system for product-tracking can keep a trail of all the check-outs and check-ins made by logistics staff using a ruggedised handheld barcode scanner, coupled with the Comtrack GL system to monitor the movement of stock and generate useful reports.

For metallurgists who will select the stock to be shipped to particular client destinations, assay data in SGS-style CSV format may be imported into the system to show moisture concentration, mineral assay averages and weighted averages. These statistics help to ensure the grade of the minerals match the expectations of the client, and help to inform the adjustment of pricing for the consignment. Entire shipments of mineral ore are planned on the innovative allotment and shipping calendar views available in Comtrack GL.

For container packing, logistics and shipping yard personnel, the Comtrack GL system is suitably customised to the specifics of the operation, optionally involving road transport to the Wharf, or direct loading of shipping containers on site. In the latter case, container and seal numbers are easily entered for consignments, then a manifest document can be printed. The generated paperwork and a ruggedised PDA barcode scanner is all the loading personnel need to pack and scan-in all the containers as required by the shipment, originally specified by the Metallurgist.

Together with tools to monitor important changes as they happen, a set of suitably customised reports helps personnel to find the information they are looking for quickly and with little fuss.

Give Craig at Barcode Qld a call to request a demo of Comtrack GL.

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