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Deanne Scanlan truly is the Destination Designer, always creating compelling new concepts to promote travel. When Deanne approached Phormulae Independent to help with a brand concept logo, we jumped right to work on this superb "Lady Traveller" logo design for Enticing Travel Destinations (ETD).

Next, using an Adobe After Effects template chosen by Deanne, we selected some photos from her own incredible travel photography library, and created an eye-popping "Opener" complete with an inspiring dance soundtrack and added visual effects. The music, selected from the extensive Storyblocks library, adds some extra punch to the overall impression.

^ Enticing Travel Destinations: IT ALL BEGAN IN ITALY video on Youtube

The final feedback on this enjoyable job is highly worth the mention... it was quite inspiring and very encouraging to hear Deanne say, "That's exactly what I was seeing in my mind!" In other words, Phormulae can definitely help translate your spoken ideas into (almost) exactly what you've been looking for.

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