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I always thought that modesty was always the best policy. Then one day, I discovered that I was under-selling myself. So then, where does one draw the line between the facts of life, and allowing over-confidence to beget conceit? Indeed, this question is a trick-one. We all have a different answer. This is what makes working in the world of technology so rewarding and fun. There are always new and fascinating things to learn, and we all have different new ideas to share. Let's build and create the best videos and the greatest Internet websites we can, together.

Some HR-purists seem to think that including an introduction in your CV is presumptuous and such information should be expressed only in a cover letter when applying for a job. I tend to believe I can do what I want to promote myself, and if anyone dislikes it, then they would most probably find I am not a good fit for their business anyway. The other commonly irksome feedback I get about my CV is that it should never include quotes which inspire me. Apparently to some, it looks shallow and weak. On the contrary, I believe it shows I am educated in modern history. There is really no weakness in revealing that I have heroes. We all have our own set of these individuals whom we look up to, find strength and attempt to attain a level of achievement akin to theirs. This is just how I think, much like everyone else does, although some may not want to admit it.

The many places I have seen, and projects I have worked on are still "up there" in my mind. I am fully able to repeat any of them, or at least apply the many lessons learned.

I can, and I love to help people achieve things on computers. I have done, and can do almost anything you need done on computers and the Internet. Please feel free to ask, especially if you are finding it difficult to get an honest technician :)

I love to be of help!

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