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Having been involved in the original coding of the ComTrack platform, Phormulae continues to support existing and new customers of the Barcode QLD product, ComTrack (an abbreviation for Commodity Tracking).

The Solar PV system in particular, allows Solar Farm builders and maintenance staff to track the installation of individual solar panels into their arrays, with reference to factory testing data which ensures that the panels installed in each group all have the same Wattage ratings.

One little-known way to accidentally destroy a solar panel, is to couple it with other panels that, due to variations in the manufacture process, have been rated as supporting different Wattage ranges. This data is obtained by the factory that manufactures the panels, and is provided to the installer with each shipment.

The ComTrack Solar PV solution allows this data to be imported and used to provide data to installers on the ground. All they need to do is read the RFID tags with an NFC capable device, or scan the barcode of: 1. the array-location, and 2. the barcode of each individual solar panel being installed in the array. This installation data is sent directly over a 4G or WIFI connection to the server. Engineers in the office can monitor the installation and any problems can be detected early, so they can be rectified before any damage results.

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