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 Our Services 


Website Services
  • Professional Web Design, Development
  • Headache-free on-going web maintenance
  • Intelligent content management, SEO

Websites should strive to impart wonder and intrigue, much like the surprise chance appearance of a large, majestic butterfly on a warm summer’s afternoon. The apparent ease with which this humble insect flutters through the air, should be of inspiration to web designers who desire to create smooth and satisfying user experiences in software, particularly on the public Internet. More »

Fla mingo

Business Services
  • Detailed business reports, Filing
  • Quality bookkeeping = Peace of Mind
  • MYOB, XERO, MS-Office, Google Workspace

With such dexterity and grace, the competent broad wings of the flamingo stretch out to take flight. If only doing business could be equally so distinguished and glamourous. Well, it can! Delegate your business services needs to someone you can trust to keep your paperwork in perfect order. More »


Software Engineering
  • Professional Software Development
  • Tried-and-tested design methodology
  • server, database, desktop, mobile, web

Only formidable in a swarm, the bee is an industrious creature and one of masterful ability. If it were not for the massive collective effort of the bees, there would be no beautiful flowers with their ensuing fruit for us to wholesomely enjoy. Every small part plays a role. Much like collecting pollen for the hive, realisation of any Software Engineering project takes much busy attention to many fine details, documentation and good planning, with everyone working together constructively in a mutually cohesive manner. More »


Multimedia Agency
  • Brand development, Graphic Design, DTP
  • Swift turnaround on urgent requests
  • Photography, Video, Audio, Animation, 3D

Stand back and watch in awe as the fiercely independent, nimble dragonfly zips into view and holds command of its proximity by deftly hovering to inspect you, beholding much the same wonder as how you see it too. The unexpected momentary fright upon noticing this spectacular though harmless insect, represents the notions of speed and awe that we believe all multimedia production efforts should strive to encapsulate in order to appear most novel. More »

 Case Studies 

We are always finding great ways to enhance and invigorate industry, with innovative digital tracking and database technologies.
A perfect example of how we can help you create an exciting and empowering logo & opener.
"Expect business with flair," says Jeremy Jacobs our General Manager, responsible for day-to-day business processes at Phormulae.
Aloe Vera is good for more than just sunburn. It's like a magical healing super-power!
A "Tours and Treks" promotions and lead generation website.
Digital Engineer by day, Entertainer by night.
ComTrack Solar PV allows Solar Farm builders and maintenance staff to track the installation of individual solar panels into their arrays.
Marketing and print materials for Guys n' Dolls Revue 2021 production of Mystery on the Orient Express.
Brand and online store solution with eCommerce, SendGrid and Xero integration.

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